GCSE Results & Pupil Progress


For a full report on attainment and progress, please click here.

Here are the attainment headlines...

  • 52% of entries passed at Grade 7 or above

  • Able pupils stretched to achieve top grades

  • 18% grade 9 – one pupil achieving all grade 9s!

  • 100% pass rate in English, 95% in Maths

  • 85% of grades achieve a good pass (5) or better

...and the latest on our pupils' progress

  • Outstanding value-added of +1.29 per grade

  • 73% of CAT predictions exceeded

  • 52% exceeded by two or more grades

  • Consistent progress across KS3 to build a strong foundation


End of Key Stage 2 Teacher Assessment 2021


In 2021, there were no End of Key Stage 2 SATs due to the COVID-19 lockdowns. However, we did continue with our process of teacher assessment as we felt our children had continued to make good progress during our time of remote learning. We had 19 pupils in the class; 1 child had an Individual Education Plan, 5 children regularly received additional support in English and/or Maths, 1 child spoke English as an additional language. Below are graphics showing the attainment of the Year 6 class in 2021.

From 2021/22 onwards we will not be using SATs but have instead switched to low-key but more useful termly assessments, using a nationally recognised scheme.