GCSE Results & Pupil Progress

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Here are the attainment headlines...

  • 52% of entries passed at Grade 7 or above

  • Able pupils stretched to achieve top grades

  • 18% grade 9 – one pupil achieving all grade 9s!

  • 100% pass rate in English, 95% in Maths

  • 85% of grades achieve a good pass (5) or better

...and the latest on our pupils' progress

  • Outstanding value-added of +1.29 per grade

  • 73% of CAT predictions exceeded

  • 52% exceeded by two or more grades

  • Consistent progress across KS3 to build a strong foundation

Pupils did not sit the 2020 or 2021 KS2 SATs due COVID-19 lockdown

2019 KS2 SATs

Teacher Assessment



This subject was Teacher Assessed. Pupils were required to achieve the standard in every section of the criteria to meet the expected standard.

13 pupils were working at the expected standard.

2 pupils were working towards the expected standard.

0 pupils were working at greater depth within the standard, across all the criteria, although the moderator identified that one pupil was very close to the threshold.



This subject was Teacher Assessed. There were two categories: working at the expected standard or has not met the expected standard.

14 pupils were working at the expected standard. 1 pupil has not met the expected standard.


Special Needs

2 children in this class have IEPs in place and 3 children have received regular extra English and/or Maths support.