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GCSE Results & Pupil Progress


For a full report on attainment and progress, please click here.

Here are the attainment headlines...

  • 66% of entries passed at Grade 7 or above, our best ever!

  • Able pupils stretched to achieve top grades

  • 21% grade 9 – one pupil achieving nine grade 9s!

  • 46% grade 8 or 9 - almost half of the grades equivalent to old A*

  • 100% pass rate in English and Maths

  • 95% of grades achieve a good pass (5) or better

...and the latest on our pupils' progress

  • Outstanding value-added of +1.67 per grade

  • 79% of CAT predictions exceeded

  • 59% exceeded by two or more grades

  • Consistent progress across KS3 to build a strong foundation


End of Key Stage 2 Teacher Assessment 2022


In 2022, we continued to use teacher assessment to assess our Year 6 pupils at the end of the year. We used a variety of summative tests, such as the National Test Style Assessments (NTS Assessments) and the teacher’s own assessment of pupils throughout the year.

We had 8 pupils in the class; 1 child had an Individual Education Plan, 2 children spoke English as an additional language and 1 child regularly received support in English and/or Maths.

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