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Curriculum, Assessment & GCSE Options

Curriculum & Assessment


Our curriculum is taught from the foundation of a biblical world view by Christian teachers. It is broadly based on the National Curriculum, in order to help pupils progress effectively towards GCSE qualifications.

Teacher assessment is continual throughout Primary & Secondary to monitor individual progress effectively. This is a low-key process, without undue pressure for pupils. Year 6 use termly 'Rising Stars' assessments as a more helpful alternative to SATs. Secondary year groups have an end of year 'exam week' to help them gradually get used to exam conditions, with GCSE courses starting at various points during Year 9, depending on course content.

GCSE Options


Core GCSE Subjects (max 7)

English Language (OCR)

English Literature (studied by most pupils) (OCR)

Science (either 'Trilogy' (2 GCSEs combined) or as 3 separate sciences) (AQA)

Mathematics (EDEXCEL)

Religious Studies (AQA)

Optional GCSE Subjects (max 3)

Art & Design (EDEXCEL)

Business Studies (EDEXCEL)

Computer Science (CAIE)

Food Preparation & Nutrition (AQA)

French (EDEXCEL)

Geography (AQA)

German (EDEXCEL)

History (EDEXCEL)



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