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Testimonials from our Parents

Thanks to God for allowing our daughter to be in your school. She told me what she learnt about our God’s mercy and grace in those testimonials. It has stimulated her curiosity and interest to understand more about how God works in our lives, which are really amazing. I would like to take this opportunity to thank your school and all the teachers for the encouragement and guidance to our daughter. She enjoys her school life with her friends and has learnt new knowledge that inspired her thought. (Mrs W)


What a pleasure it was to share in the awards assembly by Zoom this morning. To be within the school community again was a great joy. Thank you for all the brilliant work you and your colleagues continue to do for our children's academic and spiritual growth. Excellent use of technology too!

(Mrs S.V.)

It has been a privilege and a blessing to have our children in a school where the Lordship of Christ is upheld. To know that all things are covered in prayer is to recognise a rare treasure in today’s society. I would like to say The School is not a hothouse environment where children are brainwashed into belief, thank goodness! Instead, The King’s School offers a safe environment to mature each pupil’s faith and demonstrate it in their daily lives.

The fact that The School is small enough that everyone is known and valued is a rarity. Pupils are seen as individuals worth investing in, rather than exams folders.

The small classes provide the opportunity for close friendships. Small classes mean that the teachers have a very clear perception of each child’s strengths and struggles. A rock-solid management team and a group of dedicated, unified and caring teachers work to provide a good education. 

We are so thankful to have had the privilege of calling The King’s School our School. 

(Mrs C. Gardener, Year 11 Parent) 

Our son has had a very happy and productive life in The King’s Schools. This is owing to the dedication and quality of the teaching staff, plus: good standards of discipline and classes which are neither too big nor too small in number.

We have particularly appreciated the Christian discipline of the pupils, which is not confined to an RE lesson but is a constant value throughout the school day. The family atmosphere of the school also makes it a special place for both the children and their parents.

It has been a privilege for our son to have been part of The King’s school and we will be forever grateful for all the school has done during his formative years.

(Mrs P.W.)

My 2 daughters have been encouraged in their faith and spiritual development as well as in their studies at The King’s School. I can honestly say that the genuine love and caring, shown by so many of the staff, have helped them come through some very difficult family circumstances which we faced. Both girls have grown into young women with the courage to enter life with a determined faith and positivism, and the School has undoubtedly played a significant role in helping them develop as unique individuals with their own gifts and strengths. The King’s School has helped equip them for life, not just getting through the curriculum!

(Mr D.H.)

Teachers at The King's School do so much more than teaching!

Our son seemed to have difficulty concentrating whilst studying and was falling behind in class.

His teacher noticed a slight idiosyncrasy in the way he looked at things - something that we, his parents, hadn't even noticed. She was concerned that he might have a sight problem and recommended that we take him to an optometrist to be on the safe side.

The optometrist confirmed that he had condition which caused difficulty in focusing and therefore concentrating. He prescribed glasses and remedial treatment.
Our son quickly caught up with the rest of his class and is now fine with his studies. This was also a huge relief to us.
We know that without this extra care and special consideration our son could so easily have been wrongly diagnosed with long term implications to his education.
This is just one example of the kind of care that you can expect from teachers at the Kings School.

(JB & MB)

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