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The King's School is an independent Christian day school for children of nursery age up to GCSE (16 years). The school was established in Hemel Hempstead with 75 pupils in 1982, and moved to Harpenden during 1987.

The current premises are situated in beautiful grounds on the outskirts of Harpenden. We have students with an age range from 4 to 16 years old, and our preschool, Highfield Preschool, is located approximately 800m further along the road at The Oval.

The King's School accepts applications from members of the Christian community, but we are not affiliated to any one particular church or church grouping. Trustees and staff are drawn from a number of different churches in the area.

The school provides a Christian teaching environment which facilitates quality academic achievement, with high quality teaching staff and strong supporting help so that individual assistance can be given to each child according to his/her need. The school seeks to assist in the development of each student, not only in character, but also in God-given potential in academic and practical subjects.

Students leaving the school at 16 have mainly continued their education in the sixth forms of schools in the area and a good proportion have gone on from there to graduate from colleges and universities in a variety of fields. Others have readily adapted to life in employment. A number of former students have taken leadership roles in Christian Unions, in their churches and in other ways, demonstrating that their time in the school has provided a sound preparation for the next phase of their life in God's world.

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