The, King’s School, Harpenden, Pupil Clubs List

Lunch-Time Clubs

We offer a variety of lunch-time clubs from the following:


Art Club                                            
Basket Ball                                        
Choir Ensemble                                
German Club                                    
Homework Club                              
Movement & Me                              
Pupil-led Bible Study                       
Pupil-led Worship Group                  
School Council                                  
Table Tennis                                     

Secondary Fixtures                    

Basket Ball    
Table Tennis    

After-School Clubs

We usually have a couple of weekly after-school sports clubs for Years 4 upwards. 

Dawn Kids

Pupils may gain admission to The King's School in most year groups, from Foundation to Year 9. Come and visit us.

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 Extra-Curricular Activities

Developing New Skills

Learning new skills is fun at The King's School. From nursery, through primary school age and on to GCSEs at age 16, we equip pupils of all ages and abilities for the future.

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Well done to all Secondary pupils who received awards at the Awards Evening, particularly to our 2018/19 Year 11s on your GCSE results.