The King’s School Extra-Curricular Activities


This is a voluntary after school activity for 11-16 year olds. It was set up to provide the children with an opportunity to express and share their faith. Through dance, music, testimony and drama the youngsters, as a group, are able to demonstrate their love of God in churches, schools, prisons and in open air witness.

Since 1994, 'Dawn Kids' has been involved in a number of missions to other European countries. They have performed in concerts and participated in outreaches in the Czech and Slovak Republics, Finland, Estonia, Northern Ireland, Spain and Latvia. Whether at home or abroad, missions continue to be a central part of the 'Dawn Kids' ministry.


In addition to general music periods in the school, the music department offers individual lessons on certain instruments including piano, violin, drums, saxophone, clarinet, recorder and voice. The current scale of fees can be obtained from the school office. Availability is on a first come, first served basis. In certain studies a waiting list is in operation.


The school encourages the physical training of each child alongside spiritual and intellectual development. Physical activities are provided for all children, along with weekly games in major sports. Awards are given in certain recognised sports. Swimming lessons are available for Years 2 to 6 at certain times at extra cost.

The school participates in the summer term Christian Schools Sports Day. Team matches are also arranged with other local schools in certain sports.


The school has links with a secondary school in Bremen, Germany, and a small secondary school in the village of L'Isle, in the French speaking region of Switzerland. Annual residential exchange visits, to and from these schools, aid our secondary pupils in their German and French language skills.


Periodically we book ski trips for pupils from Years 4-10 during the Spring Term.