The King’s School, Harpenden, Fees

School Fees 2018/19

The full Schedule of Fees for this academic year, 2018/19, is available here.

School Fees 2019/20

The full Schedule of Fees for 2019/20 is available here.


Schoool Uniform

Uniforms are provided through the Stevensons School Shop available online.

For more information, please email,

or call us on 01582 767566

Come and view our GCSE Art students' work at the annual exhibition in the School Hall on Wednesday 26 June from 6-8pm. Refreshments will be served.

Our Open Days 2018/2019

Dates: Saturday 5 October 2019 & a mid-week morning on Tuesday 5 March 2019.

If you have missed for this year do not worry! Please call 01582 767 566 or email for more information. 

The King's School Open Days

Developing Pupils' Potential

The pastoral care and individual attention in our school provides pupils with a nurturing and stimulating environment. Skilled teachers help them learn and achieve.

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